Welcome to The Rosarian Library

To create a rose library, gallery and museum has been an ongoing dream.

I have always grown roses in my garden but the stories from their history, their inclusion in art and literature and their many uses have gradually become an all-consuming interest. Almost without realising I gathered together an ‘indoor garden’ with a comprehensive library of books dedicated to the rose, a number of glorious rose paintings and other rose memorabilia. I now collect continually; it may be an old book, an exquisite painting, a rare postcard, a length of decorative fabric or a dainty ceramic brooch but ‘the garden’ thrives and grows daily.

So welcome to my ‘rose garden’; a little different from the usual rose garden where the roses bloom profusely between May and December. In this rose garden the roses bloom all year round; on a hot summer’s day or on a freezing day in winter.

It is unlikely that I will achieve my dream of a public space where these artefacts, dedicated to the rose, can be displayed, but on this website I can share my passion and some of the interesting stories I have come across on my journey.

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