19th century book illustrations

During the 19th century, early 20th century, it was extremely expensive to illustrate a book about roses using colour. Where images were used wood cut images were preferred. The one or two books that did contain colour were either books including images painted and lithographed by the author such as ‘Beauties of the Rose’ by Henry Curtis or ‘Rosarium Monographia’ by John Lindley or a book such as ‘The Rose Garden’ by William Paul for which, after much hard work, the author managed to acquire sponsorship.

Fortunately for us, 150 years or more later, the illustrations within some of these books have remained just as bright and beautiful as when first printed. For some of us the illustrations will have far greater appeal than the text!

From ‘Genus Rosa’ (1910-1914) Ellen Willmott

‘Rosarium Monographia. (1820) John Lindley.

‘Beauties of the Rose’ (1850-1853) Henry Curtis.

‘Beauties of the Rose’

‘Beauties of the Rose’

‘Rosenbuch’ Dr Julius Hoffmann. (Undated)

‘Beauties of the Rose’

William Paul Catalogue 1890’s

‘Beauties of the Rose’.

‘Genus Rosa’.

Supplement to ‘The Rose Garden’ (1853)


‘The Rose Garden’ (1848).

‘Beauties of the Rose’

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