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Painting flowers, especially roses, has been popular for many centuries although there have been periods when the genre has been in and out of fashion. Victorian and Edwardian times were possibly the most popular for this absorbing career or hobby.

Painting flowers has provided and currently provides a livelihood for many; I have compiled a list of over 100 fine art painters of roses. This number must be just a small percentage of the whole.

There are also thousands of amateur flower painters who paint roses of whom I am one. The gallery has a few valuable paintings by professional artists but mostly I have collected inexpensive but appealing paintings by the enthusiastic amateur.

I am not a great collector of prints but I do have a few prints of paintings that I love but could not possibly aspire to collect such as those by John William Waterhouse or Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. The prints I really like are the stunning paintings of roses that have been especially commissioned by the postcard publishers in Edwardian times. I have many of these by a considerable number of talented artists. They help to compensate for not being able to justify the expense of original works of art.

Latest rose art images added

  • Postcard paintings.

    A few paintings of roses to be found on early 20th century postcards. I think you will agree; they are worth collecting. . . . . .

    These are just a few of the thousands of cards. More by individual artists to be displayed later.

  • The paintings of James Andrews from ‘The Rose Garden Supplement (1853) William Paul.

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