The number of roses grown currently is unknown but stands at many thousands. The number varies depending on the source of the information. The number of books, dedicated to the rose is also unknown but my research suggests that there are in the region of 1000 books dedicated to the rose and written in English which have been published since the first in 1799.

I am collecting these books together for use in my own rose research and as a source of many of the stories behind the rose. I would like to ensure that the books remain on our shelves and that these too do not become lost to the passage of time.

So far I have about 600 different books dedicated to the rose together with many more on plants and gardening which I have collected as I have written my stories about the rose. Additional publications in the form of catalogues, annuals and other printed works allow me to share with you a substantial rose library.


  • A few early dust-jackets.

    The very first dust-jackets, around 1850, were plain brown paper coverings purely to keep the books clean. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century they became more attractive but the rose book coverings had to wait until later in the century.

  • Some of the Rose Books from the 19th century.

    A number of these books had beautiful covers and spines with impressed gold and colourful decoration.

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