Notes and Ephemera.

The library has a good selection of paper ephemera relating to roses in the form of cards, tickets, programmes, pictures, photos etc. Some are not important but just collectible. As a result, I have always kept a book or two in which to preserve these items that would otherwise be lost. I am a firm believer that everyone should collect their own personal ephemera to represent their main interest in life whether it be their children, their garden, their cooking, their sport etc. In this way a huge amount of social history would be available for the next generations.

I have made my books to suit myself but I thought it would be an idea to make some for the library; books in which to keep notes or ephemera. I have many old and duplicate Rose books which are extremely common so wish to put these to good use. I sell some on Ebay but others I would not expect anyone to want because of the state they are in. Some parts can be recycled though into ‘new’ books or bookmarks. I have spent some time, therefore, making a few books and am currently thinking of ways to ‘personalise’ them for the library.

A favourite paper.
With a rose book front cover.

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