The mystery of the two books.

While I was writing about one mystery I thought I would mention another that has arisen over the last few days. I have recently joined the Instagram world and am very much enjoying following a number of book collectors and dealers, especially those that are interested, as I am, in Victorian and Edwardian literature. This has caused me to look more closely at many of my books some of which, I must admit, I have taken very much for granted.

I came across these two on the same shelf. They have the same binding although a different colour, they have the same title but they are totally different texts, written by two different authors and published fifteen years apart, 1903 and 1918.

I can only think that because they are both on a similar subject and published by the same company, C.Arthur Pearson Ltd that an attempt has been made to save costs on the second book (Edwin Beckett) as the country was suffering from a terrible war and finances would be scarce.

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